✨ The saint of lasers ✨

He brings light to people, in the strength of a stimulated emission of radiation.

He reveals enlightenment to you in trinity:

Laser yourself

Not as difficult as you think!

The only thing you need is a laser license, and you get permission to laser yourself by taking part in the instruction course for the respective device

Have laser treatment

Do you just want to have something lasered quickly and don't have time to learn how to laser first? Then we'll be happy to help you too - you're sure to find someone from the circle of laser disciples who will be happy to do the lasering for you.

Rent a laser

The Zing is also mobile! And you can bring it to your home, or to your birthday party, a festival, a company party, a workshop or wherever else you can imagine free lasering.
Costs and everything else on request:

Holy Laser Mass

every 2nd + 4th Wednesday 18-22 o'clock is open workshop in the laser area. Please check the calendar beforehand to make sure it takes place:

Laser logbook (form)

As soon as you have lasered something yourself or for someone else as a service, please fill out the following form directly afterwards to settle the costs and generate an invoice:

Any questions?

Interested but still have questions? Then try our FAQ section first:

You can also send us an e-mail to the distribution list by clicking on the button below. Please note that everyone on the mailing list will receive this mail first.